That Stuff For Pain
 is available in a variety of sizes.

All sizes come with a misting spray top except the 16oz (500ml) refill bottle.

.25oz (7.5ml) – $3.99
 2oz (60ml) – $12.99
4oz (120ml) – $21.49
8oz (240ml) – $32.99
16oz (500ml) – $59.99

We now have That Stuff For Pain available in a lotion.

Pain Relief Lotion
4oz (120ml) – $21.49

For those of us who suffer from restless legs or tight muscles, we have developed a Soothing Muscle Lotion to ease your pain and help you get a good night’s rest.

Soothing Muscle Lotion
4oz (120ml) – $21.49
8oz (240ml) – $32.99

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